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We were given the contact information for Jim and Ky from our friend's, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey. I saw their review on this page and couldn't agree more! I also notice that Jim (or probably Ky) only lists last names on these testimonials. That's just goes to show you how important each client is to them, they don't plaster your name on a searchable web page, even long after the contract is signed!

Just like a few other people who wrote reviews, being in the military, I was given a few days to come to Virginia and find a place to live. They drill into us to rise to any challenge, but it's not easy to find a new home in less than a week! Especially when you don't know anything about the area where you're being moved. We are very lucky that we were steered to Jim right from the start. He knows the area and can tell you stories of just about any part of Prince William County that you're in. What store used to be where, when this or that development went up. He knows the area, he knows the best routes to get to your new base, he can tell you how long it might take you to get to work from wherever you're looking.

Jim is the one who you will spend any face-to-face time with but it's Ky who makes it all possible. She's the unsung hero behind him who gets all of the appointments scheduled, gets the paperwork filled out and sent to the parties involved and the one who follows through with everything to make sure Jim is where he is supposed to be with the correct paperwork in his hand, and she's the one who you will usually talk to when you call. Their team is what every real estate team should be modeled after! They know how to get the job done (you can see that just from all of their reviews!). The most amazing part to me though was that I knew they had other clients because there were many times I called and Jim was out showing houses to a client or he was at a closing, but they always made you feel like YOU were their only client.

Because I was put in touch with them, I had a pre-approval from a local Loan Officer, I knew exactly how much "house" I qualified for and had the entire weekend scheduled and the route laid out before I even got in town. We saw every house I wanted to see and we had it narrowed down to two before I had to return to duty in Texas. Since we weren't sure which one we liked more, Jim went back to both homes and did a video tour of every nook and cranny of both homes for us. We were under contract within 9 days of first hearing the names Jim and Ky.

The Bailey's aren't the only ones who will be recommending Jim and Ky to everyone they know. I know exactly what I will say to everyone I know who gets the news that they're being transferred to Virginia! Read everyone else's review and then believe me when I say that you will not be disappointed if you choose them to help you with your real estate needs.

D. and L. Medford
A1 Service, Jim and Ky are one of a kind. I really can not remember how I met Jim, but however it was it has been a blessing to me. We started out seeing various rental properties and while seeing each one he provided information that I would have never asked about. For example HVAC possible issues, issues with certain piping used for plumbing, how to tell water damage and etc.

He is a very patient man and understands that people have a hard time finding the right place to reside. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are happy with whatever property they choose. He will work around your schedule, so if that means you can't see a property during business hours he is more than happy to show anything to you after hours. He and Ky setup appointments very quickly so you are not waiting days to see a property depending if the property manager respond to his request. If you need something quick he will literally jump through hoops to find you the perfect residence buying or renting. I can't say enough about Mr. Minor he is just an awesome realtor.

As long as I am in the DMV area he will be my go to guy (Realtor). Thanks again Jim you are the man.

M. James
Jim helped my wife and I find a beautiful home in Prince William County! He is very personable and exceedingly knowledgeable in the area. However, what impressed me the most was his work ethic and his devotion to his clients. Jim put in hours of legwork to not only find the perfect house for us but also help us with pictures and measurements after the deal was already done. He really does provide top notch service; we were referred to Jim and we plan on referring him to anyone else in the area in need of a great agent! J. and A. Wilson
Jim is one of the most dedicated and accomplished realtors I have ever worked with. He was always there when we needed to go after a new property. In our market when a new house hits in MLS it could be under contract that day. Jim never complained and was always able to show. He was attentive to details when looking at properties and contracts. He also helped keep spirits high by being encouraging even when things got a little hopeless after losing a few bids on homes (not his fault at all). He also sold my last home which was no easy task with lots of competition in the area. He was able to get the old house sold for more than I expected. Jim did an amazing job of getting us an amazing home that my family will enjoy for years to come. I would recommend Jim to my closest friends, he is a first class act. JBP
We've known Jim for many years and worked with him on the mortgage side as well as the real estate side. He was our first and only call for home buying/search assistance in 2014. We came up with a list of about 19 houses we wanted to look at across 9 counties and spent the day together. Got the house we wanted, where we wanted and we will contact Jim in 8 years to sell our home when we retire to Florida in 2024. D. Greth
I recently had to relocate out of state for work. I had very little time to prepare and very little knowledge of what selling a house entails. Luckily for me, I know Jim Minor. Jim and Ky were there every step of the way, helping with advice and finding contractors to get my house show worthy. And when I couldn't be there, (400+ miles and 6 states away) Jim was there, to handle Everything! Jim took personal attention to the extreme, as if it was his home, and his attention to detail paid off. My house sold in less than 2 weeks. The new kitchen counters weren't even installed yet. Thanks to Jim and Ky, what could have been a costly, stressful ordeal, turned out to be an amazingly easy process. T. Russo
My wife and I were moving up at the end of April 2016. With my wife 7 months pregnant we needed a house NOW!! We took a trip up to look at some houses and found a nice one thanks to Jim. Long story short we couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord on the house, but we had to leave to return home. While we were in Florida, Jim went to a few homes for us and took videos floor by floor, posting them to Youtube for us to review at our leisure. Someone who will go above and beyond for someone else whom they just met speaks volumes to their character. He was able to get us in to a house before my wife was due. I truly appreciate having an agent and friend like him! He even came over to help us move in and bought us lunch! I have already recommended him to two friends who are also moving up to the DC area. D. & T. Mulligan
We enlisted Jim to assist with the selling of my parent’s home. My parents had owned the home for well over 40 years and after my siblings and I grew up and moved out, they retired and moved out of the area. When my parents finally decided to sell it, the house had been sitting empty for about 2 years and was in a state of disrepair. Jim accepted the very challenging task of working with an older couple living out of the area and searching for someone to purchase the fixer-upper home in 'as-is' condition. He responded with great patience to the many questions my parents asked. His knowledge about the overall home selling process helped us get through the very painful process of working with an investor who was new to investing and who ultimately did not have the needed capital. Jim's professionalism and tact was above board, and his ability to respond quickly to 'crisis' situations was very appreciated. After seeing how he worked with my family, I'd certainly not hesitate to work with Jim again and/or refer him to my friends. G. Higgins

Every home buyer you would ask who had a Realtor would generally say their Realtor was very good, great, excellent etc. But let me tell you Jim Minor and Ky Miller blew me away with their professionalism, absolute care and kindness. Its not only me saying it, my entire family is quite surprised (yes surprised!) by the dedication shown by Jim and Ky.

Jim has a plethora of knowledge and experience. You would not believe how many things a regular Realtor might overlook or not even mention. I have seen 50+ houses with him and some times had my family with me. Every single time he gave absolute honest advise. He understood me very well and what my expectations were. He is a person that knows almost anything, yes anything! When I saw a house he gave scenarios and advise on what to do, what may need fixing, what issues may arise in future, what to expect from seller... all solid advise and information. Even my family was telling me that is unheard of for a Realtor to give that much effort to a single client. My family have had Realtors before but nothing like him and they already said if they are to buy or sell in near future there are no options but Jim and Ky.

Jim was always available when I asked if can see say 5 houses after work. Ky would contact the listing agent right away and would let me know if it is good to go. Jim and I once just stopped to look at house from outside and we asked Ky if we can see the house in such short notice, lo and behold she some how managed to contact the listing agent at 4PM in the afternoon and got the combination code!! Some time we saw houses like rapid fire round and some times with more detail. And each time Jim will give advise that was absolutely valuable. It seems he has some of information about each wall of a house. I am very inquisitive by nature and it helped me tremendously.

I feel like he is a Realtor not only for the money but he has a real passion for it. I could tell by hearing his tone and effort while he was giving me advises. We put multiple offers in various houses but it has been a very competitive market. The house I closed on I solely won because of Jim. The house had multiple offers. One offer was 10k above mine and in paper it was a more solid offer. But Jim presented me to the listing agent and the sellers in such a way they took my offer instead!! He explained my story, goal and image truthfully to the sellers and listing agent were truly moved by it. If that doesn't say what kind of a Realtor he is I don't know what will.

Every one can say their Realtor is best in the world, customer service is top class... but if a Realtor can literally win you the house without you having the best offer, that is truly incredible. I can certainly say he is in top 1% of best of best realtors out there. I can only hope to get his service again in the future.

M. Zaman
I received a promotion for a position in Washington, D.C., in November 2015. Due to time constraints, I didn’t have the luxury of a house hunting trip in advance. I reached out to Jim based on his website, and he immediately returned my call.

Jim and Ky spent many hours working with my wife and I to determine exactly what we were looking for in a home. His knowledge of the Prince William County area is unsurpassed, and he was able to help us pinpoint a perfect place. As if that wasn’t enough, he provided video tours of the house and property.

Jim and Ky's hard work and exceptional customer service enabled us to get the perfect home for us. But, the icing on the cake was that, with me being a nervous first time commuter, Jim actually rode into D.C. with me the first morning to show me the slug lots and the best route!

Jim is the very definition of above and beyond, and I cannot recommend him and Ky highly enough to anyone moving to the area. Our relationship started as a professional one, but now we call them friends! T. and B. Bailey

Wow! Jim and Ky really know what going "above and beyond" really means, and they take it to the next level. Thanks to them, our idea of the perfect "dream home" is now OUR perfect dream home! We really appreciated that you and Ky went the extra mile to get us the best price for our old house. We were able to sell for more money than we thought we would actually get, which gave us more in our pocket to decorate our bigger, nicer home. We've lived here almost a month and I still catch myself looking around my new house with a silly grin and that "I can't believe this is ours!" thought dancing in my head.

Jim always said "if you know of anyone else who could use our service, please give them our number". We didn't even wait for someone to say they needed a Realtor, we told everyone we knew about them! You won't find a better team than Jim and Ky and we will definitely continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! E. and J. Edwards

In all our dealings with Realtors over the past ten years, we have never met anyone as helpful and energetic as Jim has been. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend his service to anyone who is looking for an experienced Realtor who cares about getting things done and doing them right! Thanks for taking such good care of us, we couldn't have done it without you! Mr. & Mrs. D. Northfield
We can't thank Jim enough for taking the extra effort to make our first home purchase successful. He was there guiding us through all the crucial and important steps! Jim really listened to what we wanted in our home and then he found exactly what we were looking for - at an amazing price! If we ever outgrow this home, we'll definitely be calling Jim again! M. Yang
Jim made buying a home so easy for my wife and I. We were grateful for how much patience he used in answering all of our questions and taking us to look at so many houses (I mean, a TON of houses!). Not once did he ever push us into looking at something we were not interested in. We strongly recommend him to anyone looking at buying a new home. Mr. & Mrs. B. Lawrence
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jim Minor at Alliance Realty Group when I needed to rent a property in Northern Virginia. Jim contacted me within 20 minutes after I sent an email requesting his assistance. I had only 3 days to find a rental property and Jim was up to the task...after reviewing with me the type of property I was interested in, Jim immediately forwarding 5 units and personally reviewed the units himself. He negotiated a favorable lease for me and worked diligently and professionally on my behalf. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Jim for any of your real estate needs...his work ethic and local knowledge are terrific!!! J. Morgan
Jim is a caring professional who is great to work with. He is an extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and enthusiastic agent that is committed to finding the right home for you. I was relocating back to Virginia and had only one weekend to fly in and to find a rental house. I was on a tight schedule and was extremely pleased to find the perfect house, complete the application process, and shortly move in, thanks to Jim's hard work and guidance. It was apparent that Jim puts the clients' needs first. Jim says that it is his job to work with all of his clients one-on-one and take pride in the quality work he provides. It was a pleasure working with Jim and I would highly recommend him. E. Rayburn
Over the past year we had looked for a house with Jim as our realtor. We saw several house and put in two offers, neither of which was successful. As time passed my husband and I became very depressed about not finding just the right house. Jim was always there to guide us forward with encouraging words and kept saying "everything happens for a reason" when our offers were not accepted. Well he was right.

We finally found the perfect house, for us, and our offer was accepted. We move in this Memorial Day weekend. Jim was very knowledgable about the areas where we were looking, he is extremely professional, quick to return our emails and phone calls and he guided us through the house buying process without a hitch.

We have already recommended him to several people and they have told us that they are also very happy with him and will recommend him as well. As far as we're concerned, you couldn't find a better Realtor. Mr. & Mrs. L. McKinney

Jim has been an excellent source of information and guidance. He is quick to respond to any questions and requests that we have. He has been patient and follows through with any task that he promises to do. We could not ask for a better Realtor to work with. We will definitely use Jim again and would recommend him to everyone. S. Simmons

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